How to Order

Contact us as soon as possible … we need to know 5 days in advance of your need!

Option 1“Burcak in a Bucket”

Order a carefully prepared bucket of grape juice and ingredients that will become Living Wine within 3-5 days.

Once receiving the bucket and your login password you will have access to our online instructions page, complete with pictures and step-by-step instructions.

Order sizes:

  • You can order any amount from 4L on up!


  • Cost is still $9.00/750 ml (wine bottle size) – still the best price this side of the ocean! This is a food purchase so no tax is involved.
  • Personal coaching is provided via a password protected web-site, by phone and via text (pictures are worth 1000 words) and, most importantly,
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Buckets, bottles and jars:

  • Options:
    • bring your own containers (4L milk cartons work fine) or,
    • we sell you one of our reusable fermentation buckets for $10.00. Return it for a full refund or keep it – your choice!

Option 2“U-brew” Order from the nearest neighbourhood U-brew store we work with, and pick up completed product 5 days later. Just bring your own bottles and jugs!

The price is $225 per batch of 30 bottles (750 ml sized) which comes out to $7.50 per bottle. Don’t want all 30 bottles? Many of our friends and family purchase batches together!

How do I make my order?

  • Email We will take the order and arrange a pickup date and location or set up the initial meeting with the U-brew store. Please contact us at least one-week in advance to ensure availability. The holiday season is busy!
  • If you choose “Burcak in a Bucket” you can either arrange a pickup at our downtown location or, for a small fee, we can arrange for a courier drop-off. Let us know what works best. Best to time delivery or pick-up no less than 5 days prior to drinking.
  • U-brew production is monitored and supervised to meet traditional standards. Please note that regulations state buyers must visit the shop in person to pay and start the batch, and then return when the burcak is ready to bottle. It takes 3-5 days for U-brew burcak to be ready for bottling.

Recommendation: Get on the member’s email list!

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  • Email us to get on the list.

You can also email us at if you have any questions. Someone will try to contact you within 24 hours.

Na zdravi!


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